Check out our webinars page for more audio/visual information on this project, and check out the videos below for more general information about radish cover crops and no-till seeding equipment.

Buz Kloot interviewed former Weil Lab member Joel Gruver (now at Western Illinois University) about “precision cover cropping.” In this video, Joel discusses using radish as a fertilizer banding technique for P and K:

Buz also made this video about the “Weil Research Team” and how they (we) started looking at brassica cover crops

Want to know how easy it is to no-till into radish “residue”? Watch this precision seeder no-till seeding into dead radish:

What about human-powered push seeders? Check it out:

Monosem seeder (similar to Matermacc) no-tilling into forage radish “residue”

Watch the seed singulation mechanism of the Brazilian Knapik seeder

And watch the Knapik slicing through radish residue

More videos coming soon!