SSSA Nov. 3 2014Watch this 15 minute presentation from the Annual Meeting of the Agronomy Society of America on Low-residue cover crops for organic no-till (November, 2015). Audio of my voice is a little weird, but this presentation has more up-to-date information than earlier webinars. 


UMD NM webinar a 2.12.15Watch this University of Maryland nutrient management webinar on winterkilled cover crops. This webinar does not focus as much on no-till vegetables as much as it does on nutrient dynamics after cover crops (N, S, P). Link takes you straight to Adobe Connect recording (February, 2015).


Webinar Feb 2Watch our webinar on no-till spring vegetables after forage radish cover crop hosted by Penn State. After you click, scroll down the page for webinar link. This has data from our first year of research. Probably still useful if you’re just trying to get a sense of what we’re doing, but be sure to look around this website for updated info! (February, 2013).

Check out an old webinar (2010) by Charlie White and farmer collaborator Mike Snow. We’ve learned a lot since then, but this is still helpful!