Publications by Weil Lab

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No-till seeded spinach after winterkilled cover crops in an organic production system by Natalie Lounsbury and Ray Weil. 2014. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems.

University of Maryland Forage Radish Fact Sheet by Ray Weil, Charlie White, and Yvonne Lawley. 2009. — A thorough introduction to using forage radish as a cover crop.

Managing Forage Radish Cover Crop that Fails to Winterkill (starts p. 3): Includes information on mowing, herbicides, and effective methods for killing forage radish.

No-till Spring Vegetables: Let the Cover Crops Do the Work for You (starts p. 4): from the University of Maryland Fruit and Vegetable News.


Many previous graduate students in the Weil lab have worked to further our understanding of cover crops. Publications (click for pdf) include the following:

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