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Managing Cover Crops Profitably: 3rd Edition edited by Andy Clark, SARE: The definitive resource for farmers on cover crop decision-making. Third edition includes a new section on Brassica cover crops. Free pdf download.

Cover Crop Seeders for Small Farms from VABF. Incredibly useful factsheet on how to establish great cover crop stands without an expensive grain drill.

No-till Vegetable Production: Its Time is Now by Ron Morse (1999): A good primer on high-residue cover crops for no-till vegetable production.

Phacelia Fact Sheet by Small Farm Success Project: An introduction to the potential of phacelia as a cover crop in the mid-Atlantic.

Cornell Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers: Includes descriptions of many cover crops and discusses seasonal and functional differences in cover crops.

Soil Microbial Nitrogen Cycling for Organic Farms by Louise Jackson (UC-Davis)