Soil Podcast

Welcome to the Priming for Production Podcast homepage. This project was supported by a partnership grant from Northeast SARE. You can listen to episodes here as well as download the audio and full transcripts. While you’re here, please take a minute to fill out a (very) short survey with your feedback on the podcast (to prevent false responses, the survey password is “soil”). This is important for us to be able to report back to SARE. If you loved or hated the podcast, we want to know!

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Episode 1: In the first of four episodes about organic matter, we get into the physical, biological, and chemical role of soil organic matter. Organic matter affects water dynamics, is the food for soil organisms, and contributes to cation exchange capacity. Featuring: Johannes Lehmann, Ray Weil, Ivan Fernandez, and Charlie White.

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 1: What does organic matter do for your soil?

Episode 2: This episode delves into the carbon cycle to get a better understanding of where soil organic matter comes from, with particular attention on photosynthesis and respiration. Featuring: Ray Weil, Johannes Lehmann, Stephanie Yarwood, and Steve Groff.

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 2: Where does soil organic matter come from?

Episode 3: Now that we’ve covered the basics in episodes 1 & 2, this episode gets into more detail about what soil organic matter really is, and it may not be what you were taught. Researchers discuss how our understanding of organic matter has changed, and how we now think it is mostly dead microbial cells! Featuring: Johannes Lehmann, Ray Weil, Cynthia Kallenbach.

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 3: What is soil organic matter, really?

Episode 4: In this final episode on soil organic matter, we get into the physical and biological mechanisms for organic matter storage including texture, aggregation, and microbial carbon use efficiency. This is cutting edge science! Featuring: Stephanie Yarwood, Johannes Lehmann, Charlie White, and Cynthia Kallenbach.

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 4: How does soil organic matter stick around?