Soil Podcast

priming for production podcast- exploring soil healthAs of April 2015, thanks to Northeast SARE, we’re currently working on a small project to develop a soil health podcast.* We’re calling it “Priming for Production.” I’ll talk with researchers and farmers about soil science, management techniques, successes, failures, you name it.

Right now, I’m still putting together material. Please check back often or send me an email (npL9 at umd dot edu) to sign up for announcements related to the podcast or to give me feedback on things you’d like to hear about.

*What’s a podcast? You aren’t the first to ask. It’s an audio program that you can listen to at any time on your computer, smartphone, or other mp3 player. It’s basically a radio show that doesn’t go out over the airwaves, you just download it at any time onto your device. My mom figured out how to download podcasts, so I have confidence that you can, too. When the time comes, if there are those of you who don’t have a good enough internet connection┬áto download a podcast, but you really want to listen to these programs, we can figure out a way, so don’t let this discourage you.