At last, the soil podcast is here!

I made a podcast. It’s the podcast I wish existed when I started farming and learning  about soil. I have tried to keep the episodes short and sweet, covering the basics while also delving into some pretty cutting edge science- some of which wasn’t around when I was first learning about soil!

The first four episodes are all about soil organic matter. I started with this topic because people are talking a lot about “soil health” these days, and soil organic matter is at the core of soil health (no matter how you define it).

You can listen here, download for later, get on iTunesand get the full transcripts if you’re so inclined. I’ll keep posting as I finish more episodes. Please remember, if you do listen, to give me some feedback (password “soil”)! We got a grant to make these, so it’s really important for us to know if you find them useful (or not).

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 1: What does organic matter do for your soil?

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 2: Where does soil organic matter come from?

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 3: What is soil organic matter, really?

Full transcript (pdf) of Episode 4: How does soil organic matter stick around?

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