The website will go on, but this project is ending…

When Ray and I were discussing what the domain name for this website should be, he came up with (or .com– we got both, actually). I’m a little weird and the word “veggies” bugs me because I prefer to call them “vegetables,” but it was catchy, so we went with it. The website was supposed to be a platform for disseminating research results from our SARE-funded project “No-till, no-herbicide planting of spring vegetables using low-residue wintkerilled cover crops.” That was too long for a url (still available if anyone wants it!). The website has served that function, but we have also tried to be true to the domain name and have included information beyond our project on other reduced tillage strategies for vegetable production as well as some information on soil health.

I've washed a lot of radishes for this research. And eaten a lot, too. They're delicious!

I’ve washed a lot of radishes for this research.

The funding for the original project is coming to an end this month, and we have to put together a final report. This website won’t go away. This spring there will be more to report, and I’ll report it here. And we’ve just gotten word that we’ve received a grant to put together several episodes of a podcast on soil health that we will host here (stay tuned). But the grant will officially be completed at the end of this month and we’d appreciate feedback on the original project that made this website possible.

While the snow is still melting and you’ve got a minute, please get in touch with me to let me know how this project and/or website may have impacted you and your farming practices. You can email me directly at npL9 at umd dot edu with answers to any or all of these questions or other feedback you have for us. If you didn’t know that the original focus of the website was these low-residue winterkilled cover crops, then I probably didn’t do my job well enough. Have a look at that section of the website now, and tell me what you think.

  1. You and your farm: Who are you and where are you/your farm? How many acres?
  2. Low-residue cover crops: Did you try or do you plan to try growing forage radish or other low-residue winterkilled cover crops?
  3. No-till seeding: Did you try or do you plan to try no-till seeding spring vegetables? How did that go? What did you/will you use for equipment? Which vegetables?
  4. This website: How did you hear about this project and/or this website? Did you find it useful?
  5. Other: Any other thoughts you have on reduced tillage vegetable production, cover crops, soils, equipment, the direction future research should take?

We’re listening.

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